Working with JT and the Available Light and Grip crew is always a pleasure. Not only do I get the high quality look that my corporate clients demand, I get a very professional crew that knows how to work in a corporate environment. Highly talented people with a highly professional attitude, I couldn't ask for anything more.“

Michale Towe   |   President, M2 Video Productions Inc.

Because of their consistency and reliability, We have used Available Light for numerous video productions over the years .  JT and his crew always create the look we need regardless of the creative challenges. They bring no ego, just a willingness to collaborate to help us attain a successful result.“

Bill Gruber   |   President/Owner, BizVid Communications, Inc.

JT's ability and passion are his most important qualities. That, and his sense of humor, make him one of a kind.“

Sandy Jack   |   GM/Producer, Satellite Video Productions, Inc.

Available Light has provided crew and equipment for my projects ranging from small corporate shoots to large night exteriors. Their industry-current equipment and artful expertise have always delivered beautiful images in a worry-free environment. I never have to give the lighting a second thought- I know it will be perfect."

Michael Brueggemeyer   |   Director